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The Artist Alisha A.P  Liker (*March 2nd 1981) is a published Author and Photographer. She balanced the majority of her life between Europe and America and finally settled at a young age in a small town in Washington state where she raised all her children later on. She bought her house in 2006 and turned the entire dining room into a Mediterranean piece to remind her of her Greek heritage. Hand painted.

Her first Studio opening was 2007 and would later on add a small Art Gallery in 2012.
An editor of a small Magazine in Florida discovered her writing and published her first Article in 2013 along with a series of photos she took. She took more editorials for other Authors the same year for example ”The Disciples” by Tarah Burrell etc
Becoming a professional Photographer was not always easy because Seattle is the metropolitan of all Art, hence a lot of Artists try to be seen.
However her publications are across the country in various Magazines and a billboard in Georgia by Vistacraft, Inc.

Personal life changes brought her to Germany in 2017 after she received a phone call that her mother was terminal sick. Before she moved to Europe, she decided to become a Christian.

Alisha is now living with her family in Germany, involved with Christian churches and taking care of her loving mother, traveling in beautiful Europe and still perusing writing and Photography. 

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