The Fog

Its raining
In my soul, it’s raining.
The clouds are scattering and the cold wind on my skin makes me realize how painful my heart feels being touched by the simple thought of you so far away. With every raindrop on my body I feel the goosebumps inch by inch.

We once held hands surrounded by warm streaks walking on the colors of the fall. I would close my eyes and feel the promise of your heart.

It seems though, that we are like the sun and the moon right now. Meant to be, yet too far away to touch.

I strip down to my skin, hoping to get rid of the heaviness. I walk and walk up to a place where I see nothing but fog. Right on my feet the edge of the ground.
Naked, cold and wondering how to get through with blind eyes and nothing but your promise.

There, I recognize this place. I remember a moment with you, God and I.

In all the silence I hear your voice. Clear and loving. I remember our prayers and see our dreams.
It is snowy and windy around my body.
As I try to get closer to the fog, the frozen leafs crack as I step on them.

Soon another day awakens and my soul is longing to inhale life.

Life with you.

The world is standing still as warm tears running down my cheeks. I close my eyes and smile, knowing God’s love always has a happy ending. With hope and trust it will never end.

The fog slowly disappears.
The warm streaks of the morning sun slightly coming  through.
Life and love dressing my soul.
And that’s when I saw you walking towards me,
My love,
My life and my meant to be!

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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