Any man’s promise can fade


How many couple’s get engaged out of impulse or in the heat of the moment? Maybe the fear to lose the other person? What, if it is meant to be a way to show commitment?

The funny thing to me is that it had a bigger meaning to me before i became a Christian, and i will explain why.

I remember being young and in love with the father of my children. Before we were married i was the most spoiled woman on earth. Not necessary in the most romantic way but i was always able to rely on him. In the beginning. Obviously we were together for all the wrong reasons in the book and he never actually popped the question on me. It was just the right thing to do in order to be together and to make our own family.

He was gone for work a bit further away and called my phone.  It was around 2ish in the afternoon on a Saturday and said ”, well we should get married when i get back!” Oh, i was so mad. Being romantic and all I had imaged it a bit differently if i ever get proposed to. At the end of the day, all romance wasn’t important to me anymore when he walked into the room. The ring was beautiful and so was his smile when he looked at me.

But as i have learned over time. Things will fade and become salty without having Christ in life.

By the time I found Christ, my marriage was long gone. And by the time i gave my life to Christ, i had been so far away from love and hope just as far as i wanted hell to be.

Today! Today it is different. A man who isn’t a man of God will never be able to love a woman like me. Maybe fall in love, but never really understand to Love and the Love right under God!

Though that special man God will put in my life will bring back to me everything that i have lost and will always keep me close to God and himself. God will give what is good for us. He will listen to the things we say, ask and wish as long as we come to Him, together. What He really pays attention to are things when life take over and Love seems almost impossible. Even the best Christians wander off and forget the fact that, true LOVE comes right from God!

God says to us  ” Pursue Love”  and that is exactly what we do!

The ring on my finger now is a promise by a man who honors God. Every little detail is built by the foundation of our God. The feeling of knowing that we are individuals yet a team, leads us. Leads him, for his family to feel safe and follow. However, we were given free will and therefore the same man who can make my heart skip can also rip it at the same time.  And should my heart ever bleed again, i know i will never drown in pain again having God in my life showering me with His Love, always!

A ring  means more than just a promise to a Christian. However,  it is not God’s promise. And that is exactly what my world is about. Christ!

Bond as a team, under God and always invite Him, together. Love is a gift.. Life is a gift. Knowing Him, is a gift!

To me personally, there will be no marriage , if  Christ is not part of the engagement first!

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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