When dying becomes a different meaning

In all honesty, us born again Christians go through a lot of confusing and challenging roller coasters in life after we give our life to Christ.

Learning to let go of our heart and the things we desire, yet trust in God and we get the things our heart desires. If it’s good for us. Because, not everything that our heart wants, is good for us.

How many times did you have to glue your heart back together after a breakup or a loss? I am so thankful to belong to Christ. Because with Him, I received a completely new heart.

I remember a few years ago, way before becoming a Christian. When someone expressed to be born again, I wondered, how can someone at 40 years at age, be born again?

How can someone, who had married, divorced and countless sex before and after marriage in their life, start over. As of nothing had ever happen? Physically impossible people. Impossible.


Physically !

Though in all seriousness and no matter how ‘’weird’’ it sounded to me. The idea of a new start and the possibility of a destination of an everlasting life, even after I pass away, was way too good to ignore.

If ‘’ asking for forgiveness of my sins’’ is all I had to do in order to be part of a kingdom of love.

Comments like ‘’you’re nuts. I gladly ignored. Because, what IF, right? And why the heck not?? However, now it isn’t an IF to me anymore. It is an IS!

Plus my realization that God had always been on my side. All the stupid decisions I made as a kid or even young adult. And each time I had been driving too fast, lied, or been selfish. Some people call this luck. Well, I call it saved by God. He never gave up to chase me. Occasionally He popped in and out but I never really acknowledged Him. Doing my own thing, the best I could and exactly how I wanted. Pulling myself back up in my lowest moments and glowing in the moments of accomplishments. So I thought.

The question someone asked me later, was where my strength I have is coming from and what I have left from all those moments of glow of fame or recognition?

I could write a book about how I found my way to God and what happened afterwards. Fact is, I see God now as my Father. And no matter how much of a troublemaker I was. Here I am today, taking the chance to be a good daughter, every day over and over again. Because no child behaves perfectly but the perfect Father forgives and protects.


So, what will happen when we pass away? Now suddenly or caused by an accident or illness? Will our souls be stuck in our bodies until the end of the world?

When will that be?

What is the end of the world anyway?

What does our soul look like and will we be ghosts or wandering spirits?

The end of the world, is when Christ comes back and put end to all evil. In other words, that ending will be the beginning of forever of all things beautiful.

I believe in fallen angels. Not the movie kind of fallen angels. I am talking about what its said in the bible. Acts 19:14–17 tells of a man inhabited by a demon. The sons of Sceva tried to exorcise it, but the man attacked them. But those aren’t ghosts. The bible also never portrays souls as lingering after death. The immediate destination of heaven or hell rules out that idea. Meaning, once one passes away, the believer will be with the creator of the world, right away. The non believer will not.

Again, as most of us know, our body is simply a shell. If we accept Christ and believe, the Holy spirit is within us. In our souls. That is us. That is me. And when my time here on earth has come, I believe my soul goes straight home. Where God wants me to be. Where I like to belong.

Therefore, dying will become a different meaning to us Christians. Being born again is the beginning to live forever.

Letting God into your life, soul, heart or how ever you like to describe or define it. This is when you are  spiritually ‘’born again’’, ”saved”.

body of water under blue and white skies

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